Avast Cleanup Pro Apk v4.11.0 [Mod] [Latest]

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Avast Cleanup Pro Apk v4.11.0 [Mod] [Latest]

Mod Info:-

Premium Feature Unlocked and Ads Removed

INSTRUCTIONS FOR Avast Cleanup pro Install
  • Uninstall any previous version of AVAST Cleanup apk
  • Install This new AVAST Cleanup Pro apk
  • Success!!!

Download File Information:

Avast Cleanup Pro APK

Avast Cleanup pro apk is a cache and junk files cleaner apk. Avast cleanup pro apk helps to free up your phone storage space by deleting waste files and unwanted app cache and other unnecessary files. Download avast cleanup premium apk free from below link. Avast Cleanup Pro Apk full version is Designed for clean up junk fon avast cleanup & boost pro apk.

Features of Avast Cleanup Pro

  • Junk Cleaner: If you uninstall an app it will leaves some of it’s files that you don’t needed anymore. But it will increase and full up your mobile storage and slow downs mobile. Avast Cleanup pro apk cracked will removes that file.
  • Device Manager: You cancview all important info of your device on avast cleanup and boost premium apk like how much Ram is eaten by apps and which is power Hungary apps.
  • Hibernation Manager: Hibernation is it will temporarily suspends apps to save your battery juice and below avast cleanup pro apk download is added to hibernate any apps.
  • AI Clean feature: This will clean automatically any unimportant data, system caches, gallery thumbnails, ans residual or unused files.
  • Clean Adviser: Thia option gives you a overview of which files should have to delete for free up some space.
  • Uninstall apps: One tap uninstall non used apps and save internal Storage.
  • Clean identifier: It will identifies the largest files, media, apps, and junk on your device and deleted according to whether it is needed or not.
  • Ignore List: Avast Cleanup pro Apk full version lets you decides which app not to be cleaned.
  • Storage Optimiser: Optimise storage space boosting its speed.

Features of Avast Cleanup pro

  • avast cleaner pro apk helps to see which app is taking up the most space and battery.
  • Identify and delete apps you no longer use to save storage space.
  • Automatically detect and remove blurred or shaked photos.
  • avast cleanup pro apk full will help you to get rid of duplicate and old poor quality photos.
  • Download avast cleanup pro and optimize your photo size and save it in the cloud.
  • avast cleanup and boost premium apk will Identify the best photo fork you and delete low quality photos.
  • Download avast cleanup premium apk and enable Hibernation Mode wyhich will stops Battery hungry apps.
  • Avast Cleanup Pro apk will Remove any pre-installed apps which is no longer needed for you.
  • Avast cleanup premium apk will auto-adjust the cpu speed and frequency, thus saving more battery for you.

Unlocked premium features of Avast Cleanup Pro apk

  • Removed ads: Ads are completely Removed.
  • Pro Battery Life: Auto-adjust CPU usage depending on your workload.
  • Automatic cleaning:  Schedule cleanings that won’t interrupt any work.
  • Advanced Photo Optimizer: Optimise your photo quality and delete old and poor quality photos.
  • Themes: Choose deferent theme that suits your moods.
  • Avast Cleanup optimization:
    + Up to 12 GB freed up
    + Up to 20% faster
    + Up to 70% more battery life

With every update of avast cleaner pro, we aim to improve your ui experience, and fix known issues of avast cleanup pro. Here Download Avast Cleanup Pro Apk below direct diwdownl link. Avast Cleanup Pro Apk Cracked is a modeed version of Avast cleanup pro apk, son all premium features are unlocked right out of the box.



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