BlackHole Music Player v1.15.11 Download – Android & Windows

March 29, 2024

BlackHole Music Player v1.15.11 Download – Android & Windows

BlackHole Music Player v1.15.11 Download – Android & Windows

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March 29, 2024


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BlackPlayer Music Player
BlackPlayer Music Player
Developer: FifthSource
Price: Free
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BlackHole is a premium music player that offers ad-free listening, free downloads, and support for importing music from Spotify and YouTube.

One of the best music lists available is BlackHole, which makes it simple to find what you’re looking for and find new songs. Whether you’re using Android, iOS, Windows, or MacOS, get recommendations and playlists tailored to your preferences, context, and the latest events in your area.

In recent years, streaming music has become the new standard. Because of the emergence of competing streaming services, which will only grow in popularity. Spotify has been providing music streaming services since 2006. However, a lot of music streaming applications have been appearing recently, taking advantage of the growing popularity of streaming.

The BlackHole APK is one among them. Ankit Sangwan’s premium music streaming software has received over 05 million downloads just on GitHub. This merely demonstrates how widely used music streaming services and BlackHole APK are these days. However, BlackHole APK offers more than just a straightforward music player. It is far more powerful than that! Find out more about this app by reading on.

One may say that BlackHole APK is an application that is based on a gold mine. The owners of YouTube are fully aware of this, which is why they create engaging and distinctive apps. It has changed much since it was founded back in 2022. By 2022, users will still be showing a lot of admiration for this Application.

What is BlackHole Application with Offline Download?

We used to listen to music on the radio, CDs, YouTube Music or Spotify APK with Online Download, or by downloading it to our phones, before the advent of these music streaming apps. However, each of these has its drawbacks, and these days, people find it annoying to download music.

But now that the internet has allowed for innovation, we have access to music streaming applications. Consider these apps to be the BlackHole of music—they let us to listen to our preferred tunes whenever and whenever we choose, without any disruptions.

All things considered, YouTube Music allows you to listen to music without any restrictions or interruptions. This app also has a fairly cool function that lets you download your favorite songs for free. All things considered, though, the greatest gift it can offer you is the ability to find new songs that suit your tastes. This is the one feature that you cannot obtain through other music-listening ways. Continue reading below if you’re interested.

Since this software is obviously a streaming one, you can listen to an infinite amount of music. This implies that you may use the app anywhere you are, whether you’re on a family vacation or out on a picnic with friends, and you don’t even need to download the songs if you don’t want to. You can even download songs offline and listen to them anytime you want!

Download BlackHole for your Android Device

The fact that BlackHole Music APK has the word “Premium” next to it indicates that this is a paid app. Indeed. A paid service called BlackHole Music was introduced for those who would prefer to listen to music without being interrupted by advertisements. They purchase a monthly subscription in exchange.

However, a lot of music lovers would want to listen to music without advertisements but are unwilling to purchase a subscription. You don’t need to worry if you are one of them. Because you are currently in the correct location to download BlackHole Music APK for free.

Features of BlackHole

This isn’t your average music streaming app, BlackHole. It still has several features that are noteworthy when you compare it to Spotify. Having said that, the features are as follows:

Background Play

If you’ve spent much time on the internet, particularly YouTube, you are probably aware of how inconvenient it is to be unable to play YouTube videos in the background. For the majority of individuals who simply want to use their phones to multitask while listening to music, this is a lifesaver. Yes, you can use your phone to play music that you’ve downloaded while doing other things, but that doesn’t allow you to use BlackHole’s functions, does it?


Ads are another thing that most people definitely detest more than terrible music! The issue with watching videos on BlackHole is that there are a lot of advertisements, especially in the lengthier ones. However, there are no advertisements when using BlackHole. This implies that you will have a lengthy, ad-free music session. You may stream the music without worrying about a few unexpected commercials killing the mood, so there’s no need to download it.

High-quality Audio

Yes, it’s possible to simply download songs from YouTube and end the day. However, the drawback of this approach is that it occasionally prevents you from getting the greatest sound quality possible. As a result, you won’t appreciate the music as much as you would with BlackHole! Because YouTube purchased the license to be present in BlackHole, the music is of the greatest caliber. This implies that nothing will be able to stifle your passion for music.


In the past, before streaming services gained popularity, music was downloaded using a third-party program. However, you can now download the music directly from the app thanks to BlackHole! Enjoy the music you’re listening to and want to keep listening to it even if you don’t have internet access? Simply download them for nothing! You’ll be able to reduce your data usage as a result.

Search Lyrics

Sometimes, we hear catchy songs out of the blue such as in the mall or on the radio. But when we try to search for the song, we don’t know the title of it. This is a major problem because this is such an annoying thing to do.


We occasionally hear catchy tunes out of the blue, like on the radio or in the mall. However, we are unable to find the song’s title when we try to search for it. This is a really bothersome thing to do, which makes it a serious issue.


BlackHole claims to have millions of songs in its database, surpassing even Spotify! Additionally, you can anticipate new songs every day because it is updated regularly. Additionally, there’s probably more music on YouTube than you could ever listen to in your lifetime because it’s such a massive search engine. You can search anywhere you choose by using categories and preferences. You have a choice!


Any music player should have the option to alter the equalizer and change the sounds you want to hear.

Restrict mode

You can conceal objectionable content that other users have reported in BlackHole. This will guarantee that the platform’s security remains intact.

Background Music

This is BlackHole’s most significant feature. You may be aware that YouTube video songs only play until the user turns off their mobile device. The video stops playing as soon as we switch off the screen, ruining the whole musical experience.


Everyone desires to listen to music without advertisements. However, as far as we are aware, the majority of streaming services and apps don’t offer music without advertisements unless you purchase a premium membership.

With the BlackHole apk, you may stream music online without being concerned about pop-ups. Although this is a premium feature, BlackHole Apk allows you to use it without cost.

One Tap Switch

Another fantastic feature of BlackHole that I really enjoy is the One Tap Switch. You can convert any video song into audio format or vice versa by using that option.

There are numerous instances in which you want to listen to any song, but your mobile data is limited and you are unable to do so. A One-Tap switch can be used in that scenario. This switch essentially saves mobile bandwidth by rendering only an audio file from a video after it is turned on. You can also flip this switch off if you want to watch the video while listening to music.

Unlimited Song Collection

As everyone is aware, 500 hours of video footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute, making it the most popular site for sharing videos. You can therefore listen to music on BlackHole indefinitely.

Many music channels, including T-series, Sony Music, Eros Now, and many more, release a new song each day. Additionally, you can select your preferred music from a variety of genres, including cover songs, trance, and remixes.

Free access to Premium Music

We are utilizing this BlackHole APK because of this particular functionality. As far as we are aware, in order to access BlackHole, we must purchase their premium membership, which is available for free for the first month before costing $11.99 a month to continue.

However, we may use BlackHole and all of its features for free thanks to this APK. Additionally, we can use images in picture mode—the most requested feature of BlackHole that is exclusive to the premium edition.

How to Install BlackHole on your Android Device?

Step 1. Download the Application from this Page officially.

Step 2. Click on the Downloaded APK/IPA file & Install It.

Step 3. Open the Application and Sign-up for free.

Step 4. Select your Music Language and you’re good to stream!

Final Thoughts

BlackHole is a music streaming platform that offers a customized user experience specifically designed for music streaming. Users can peruse songs and music selections by genre, playlist, and recommendation.

Simply search for any of your favorite music using the app’s straightforward interface. You have the option to download the music or play the song in mp3 or mp4 format. Since practically every song is accessible through this application. All songs from all around the world are expected.

Peace ✌🏻

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DownloadBlackHole Music Player v1.15.11 Download – Android & Windows

You are now ready to download BlackHole Music Player v1.15.11 Download – Android & Windows for free. Here are some notes:

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