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lucky patcher apk
Lucky Patcher Apk

What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher apk will give you the ability to Modify any apps with Bypass License Verification and Insert Fake License Key without purchase any app itself. It can Insert Modified version of the Play Store to bypass Payment option and you can Download Paid apps for Free without worrying. 

If Your mobile is Rooted then it can allow having greater control over its core functions. You have the Power to Remove bloatware, Improve Battery Life, Improve Ram Management, Recover Deleted Files, Speed up your device and make Lag Free, Install Custom Software…, etc.

Features Lucky Patcher

  • With lucky patcher, you can easily block ads completely Block ads on free apps.
  • Removing in-app purchase verification.
  • Get free coins and gems on many games.
  • Crack any Games and Mod it with your knowledge.
  • Remove Apps unwanted suspicious permissions.
  • Accessing to paid features of the app for free.
  • Converting user apps to system app.
  • Move apps to SD card.
  • Backup Whole Data of App and Games.

How To Use Lucky Patcher

In this Article I Will show how to use the Lucky patcher with Root or without Root. In this way, you can able to Remove any license verification from the app and block its ads also change its app permissions.

Instructions For removing License Verification

  • For Removing License Verification always select the Original APK file. 
  • Select the app to remove Licence and Hit Option “Remove License Verification”.
  • After that select “Auto Mode”.
  • If this method fails also try  “Extreme Auto Mode” also.
  • Now Lucky patcher will do its job and app will successfully Remove’s its license verification.
  • If you want to return to your original state select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

Instructions For Removing Google Ads

  • Select the app and hit the button “Remove Google Ads” option in lucky patcher app itself.
  • After select “Patch to remove Google Ads”.
  • Connect your internet access and let the app run.
  • If you see any ads again select “Disable Ads Activities”.
  • It will work and Ads will be disappeared.
  • If you want to return to original app state select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

Instructions To Custom Patch

  • Select the app and hit the Button “Custom Patch” option.
  • Connect internet access and then let the app to run.
  • Select the Suitable custom patch you like.
  • It will work and your app will be patched successfully.
  • If you want to return to original app state select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

Instructions To Change App Permissions

  • Select the app and hit the button “Change Permissions” option in the lucky patcher app.
  • Select the permission for disabling [Red]
  • Select the permission for enabling [Green]
  • Must you have to Apply and REBOOT.

Instructions To Create Modified APK

  • Select the app and hit the button “Create Modified APK” option in the lucky patcher.
  • Select Modification of apk
  • Your app what is modified will be in folder /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified
  • Remember this the modified app will not be the same as like as the previous original app
  • Simply patch process is very simple and very easy to test yourself to change will not be for failed install.


Fake Google Pay Payment via Lucky Patcher

Method 1:

If you have Xposed framework in your device, you can use Lucky Patcher’s Xposed module. In the Xposed module, a fourth option is for supporting Iapp and LVL emulation while you are not installed modded Google Play Store. Otherwise first and four option you can make in App Purchase. In the Fifth option for hiding Lucky Patcher from the application when it Grumbles.

Method 4:

This application will target for InApp and LVL to the application and more effective. When this operation will be finished all purchase will GP to Lucky Patcher. Google Play user patch will be supported InApp and LVL emulation( will allow the user to bypass the purchase process. Emulation only in application working when they will patch it.


How to use Lucky Patcher When Device is Not Rooted

Method 1:

For doing this application target patch is supporting for InApp and LVL emulation. Please delete the original application (is there any folder rename back the folder). You can try to buy if miracles works on you, Sometimes is happens.

Method 2:

Please do the switch on “Mirror of original InApp of service for emulation of purchases”. This method, you can modify old applications or older version of applications. Example of this method used in CreeHack. If you want to try this for latest apps it can support for InApp and LVL emulation, it will not work. Some application could be a crush for using this method.

Purchase window option:

  1. Send Response unsigned: For older games and application user no need to have root privileges, where the authors do not inadvertently check the signature data. This option will send a blank signature this will purchase will get virtual activate the application and confirm correct signature. Root Privileges users better to avoid this method.
  2. Save to restore purchases: In this option, Lucky Patcher saved purchase in the database of Lucky Patcher for jailbroken apps. In this option, the user needs to patch after rebooting again.
  3. Auto Purchase with the current setting: Lucky patcher will auto purchase the same purchase apps. No need to press agree to buy for buying gold or coin. “Delete selected saved purchase” long press will auto purchase gold.

What Is The Meaning of Different Colors In Lucky Patcher Application?

Green: The apps what you trying to it has a good chance to become registered

Yellow: Already a custom patch in this directory /sdcard/lucky patcher

Cyan: This app has a google advertisement script

Magenta: Already these apps in Booklist

Purple: Google in App Purchase contains these apps

Red: No Chance to register. This application may have two parts (Application and APK-Pro-key) in this case please patch both parts, not either one of them.

Orange: This application is a system application. Need to be careful with any damage can be damage application or operating system.

Clover: Lucky Patcher application successfully changed this app.

Star[*]: The Dalvik-cache of this app has been edited (ODEX with the changes created), this application will retain its current status before the update or delete. “Remove ODEX with Changes” from the context menu to unpatched or back to the original app



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