Nobody in the current age is aware of the potential heights of the internet, which may surpass even the imaginations of its architects.

It might be argued that the internet has no limit given how software is surrounding us and making our jobs quick. When others discover that you have installed software modifications, using them can be both beneficial and dangerous.

As long as businesses continue to be aware of our actions and how we use them, it is important to have both advantages and disadvantages.

If not, it would not be possible for accounts to be banned from WhatsApp for utilizing the mods.

We’re going to learn more about how to enable Anti-Ban Features and how to resolve ban concerns with WhatsApp mods today.

Why Does WhatsApp Banned Your Account?

WhatsApp Messenger typically operates under the terms and conditions that the business has registered. Furthermore, these terms and conditions are subject to change if WhatsApp becomes aware of new online hazards.

They included provisions for individuals who use WhatsApp Mods to their terms and conditions when they modified them a few months ago.

Certain WhatsApp Mods, such as Yo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro, and WhatsApp Plus, are available online and provide WhatsApp users certain never-before-seen functionality.

According to WhatsApp, these features are relevant to the app’s security, privacy, and customisation.

Because these third-party apps have the ability to steal media files and communications data, WhatsApp has temporarily banned some accounts for utilizing them. All of the WhatsApp mods which we know are completely safe, and they never steal user information.

How Do WhatsApp Mods Anti-Ban Scripts Work?

Firstly, the most recent versions of WhatsApp Mods, such as GB WhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Plus, and FM WhatsApp, already have the anti-ban scripts enabled; you do not need to enable them.

Basically, these scripts maintain the WhatsApp servers running, and the source codes match the government’ internet inspections exactly.

In that instance, the package name is similarly designed to make it clear to users that it is identical to the official software, while some secret scripts that include add-on capabilities are kept concealed.

This would keep you extremely safe from being flagged by radars that scour the internet for WhatsApp Mods and blacklist accounts associated with them.

Additionally, if you continue to use the unapproved and extremely dangerous features indicated on the WhatsApp Mods, the anti-ban script won’t even be of any use to you.

How To Fix The Temporary Banned Problem On WhatsApp Mods Without Losing Chats?

There is a straightforward procedure to get your account reinstated if you receive notification that it has been temporarily banned from using WhatsApp and you are aware that this is solely due to your use of WhatsApp Mods.

Although waiting until the timer days is the ideal course of action, we also recognize how crucial it is for your account to function and be stuck to messages.

But since your mails are so crucial, waiting is the only method to maintain data backups. Here are a few easy procedures to follow in order to remove the temporary ban.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Mod that you’re currently using after the temporary ban gets fixed.
  2. Get to the Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and click the Backup button to make a perfect backup of all your WhatsApp data.
  3. Uninstall the current WhatsApp Mod completely from your device.
  4. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Mods from the links below, included with the anti-ban scripts.
  5. After downloading the required version, install it on your device with the manual installation procedures and restore your data back from the File Manager using this process.

You won’t experience the same temporary ban problem once you’re on board. However, once the temporary ban period has passed, your phone has to be back on the official WhatsApp app if the issue persists.

If not, you can use the same process above for another WhatsApp mod since they all have the same functionality and nothing will change other than the resolution of your issue.

Ways To Be Safe From WhatsApp’s Temporary or Permanent Account Bans

We recommend using one of the following methods to be safe from both temporary and permanent bans by the official WhatsApp radars.

Your ban wasn’t for downloading the modified version; rather, it was for using the features more, which are only available inside official WhatsApp’s constraints.

The following are some safety recommendations to bear in mind:

  1. Don’t tweak much with the status features, such as sending status larger than 30 seconds, using the non-official caption status backgrounds, large number of words in caption status, etc.
  2. Never add the people in WhatsApp groups without them agreeing to it. It’s important to ask people before adding them to the group.
  3. Don’t share any kind of content that hurts WhatsApp’s terms and conditions.
  4. Don’t use the features marked as highly risky ones on WhatsApp Mods, such as Mass Message Sender and WhatsApp Bomber.
  5. Don’t send automated messages or use the Message Scheduling feature on WhatsApp Mods.
  6. Keep the version of your WhatsApp Mods updated as per the WhatsApp’s updates. You can assure that through being updated with the websites containing your favorite WhatsApp Mods.

How to Install and Run the Latest Version after receiving “Soon you need to switch to Official WhatsApp” Notification?

Step 1. At first Install the Official Version from the Official Pages.

Step 2. Install any Secondary Package (Except the one which replaces Stock/Playstore One).

Step 3. Keep Playstore one Logged in and Working.

Step 4. Open the Package which you have installed and click on “Agree and Continue”.

Step 5. Click on the 3 dot Menu at upper right corner and then click on Companion Device.

Step 6. Take the Screenshot of the QR and Scan it using your Stock/Playstore WhatsApp.

Step 7. You’ll get logged in using Companion Device. Run Safely!

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp temporarily and permanently bans accounts for a variety of reasons, including violating terms and regulations pertaining to content.

Additionally, some third-party WhatsApp Mods are active on the internet and may be the cause of your accounts being blocked from the internet either permanently or temporarily.

After taking all of this into account, we conclude that you should follow the simple guidelines we provided above in the post if you want your WhatsApp account to have some unique and unofficial features.

Furthermore, using WhatsApp Mods over default WhatsApp accounts is not advised because there is a chance that the temporary bans could become permanent.