Minecraft (Immortality Unlocked) v1.20.80.23 free on Android

March 29, 2024

Minecraft (Immortality Unlocked) v1.20.80.23 free on Android

Minecraft (Immortality Unlocked) v1.20.80.23 free on Android

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March 29, 2024


4.8/5 (457 Votes)

Developer: Mojang
Price: $6.99
◉ No Damage
◉ One hit Kill
◉ Unlimited Oxygen
◉ Indestructible Tools
◉ Premium Skins Unlocked
◉ Premium Texture Unlocked
◉ Infinite Furnace Fire
◉ Ads/Tracking Disabled
◉ License Unlocked Worth $7.49
◉ Maximum Inventory
5/5 - (1 vote)

Minecraft: The sandbox environment and intriguing features of the most recent edition of the Minecraft APK have made it popular all around the world. New upgrades for the APK are released every month, which include worlds and Unlocked Premium Skins.

The sandbox game of Pocket Edition allows for infinite world and construction creation. Play online multiplayer games with your pals with the Minecraft app for Android. With the most recent version of the Minecraft APK, you can now create friends online. It also includes the slightly faulty Beta version. Downloading the APK for Minecraft Pocket Edition is what we advise.

The free APK is a simple and straightforward game. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you and your friends will have a great time playing this game. Yes, you can play this game online multiplayer with your pals. Enjoy yourself with the Minecraft APK. We’re going to study a guide on how to get the free Minecraft download. You will see the download link for the Minecraft apk as you proceed. After reading this instruction and the characteristics of the APK, you may go ahead and do it.

Features of Minecraft Premium APK

Modification List in the APK for Minecraft. These are the Premium Unlocked features that have been introduced to the Minecraft APK. There are numerous Modifications available for the game that alter every aspect of gameplay.

License Unlocked Worth $7.49

The standard edition of Minecraft, available on the Play Store, costs $7.49. That game is available on Google Play. I’ve included a link to it. For testing purposes, you can play the game with this version of the Minecraft APK. It provides a menu for testing along with a fully unlocked game.

Premium Skins Unlocked

Out of the box, premium skins are unlocked. You purchase new skins as the game demands. You can now alter your character’s appearance in the game by using all of the unlocked skis, even the expensive ones. Additionally, you can apply any skin that you get from the internet to the game.

Premium Texture Unlocked

Blocks, as you may know, are the building blocks of the free APK version of Minecraft. But each block has a distinct texture that is all its own. Only a small selection of textures are initially available on the server; the remaining textures must be purchased from the store. However, the difficult job is done for you by us. You can now access every premium texture.

No Damage

Yes, without damage, you will have instant access to immortality in the APK. Typically, these features are not available in the standard version for Android. You will automatically die in the game if a mob attacks you. This APK prevents damage to your character, even if they fall from mountains. As of right now, you are immune to every damage in the game.

One hit Kill

The identical feature that is present in One Punch Man will also be present in your avatar. With the help of this APK for Minecraft, you can hit any mob or monster with a single blow. One swipe of the sword will dispatch the rabble. so have fun with the game.

Unlimited Breath

You have probably witnessed oxygen bubbles popping when submerged, as time passes. After everything bursts, you’ll pass away. But this time. In the water, you’ll experience an infinite breathing effect. You can now visit underwater monuments with ease and without worrying about running out of oxygen. Take as much time as you want submerged.

Maximum Inventory

You can only carry a limited number of objects in your inventory. However, with the latest version of the Pocket Edition, you can have an infinite inventory. You are free to add as many items as necessary. Simply add any tools you adore to your inventory.

Infinite Furnace Fire

The most recent update of the Pocket edition added Furnace, which uses a lot of fuel. In actuality, it’s a utility block that lets you bake or fried food and blocks. You won’t need to look for fuel for your furnace because the Pro version gives you endless furnace firepower.

Indestructible Tools

As you are aware, all tools, including pick axes, shovels, and swords, wear down with use. These tools become unbreakable and far more durable than they were before the Pocket Edition.

Ads/Tracking Disabled

Your entire personal information is transferred to Mojang servers, where it is kept for customizing and used to target adverts. We have therefore turned off all tracking capabilities in the Pro to provide you an extra degree of privacy.

Popular FAQ about Minecraft APK

What is Minecraft APK?

The price of the Android (APK) is $7.49 on the Play Store. In order to make the game work on any Android device with premium features, we modified it. The game is the same, except you can download Minecraft on Android for free.

Is this Minecraft safe?

Indeed, Virus Total has validated the APK, and they have included a link to that page. The Hash for free Download APK may be verified.

Is it available for iOS Devices?

The most recent version now supports Android devices. The iOS version is supported in another post. Only “How to download on Android” is covered in this guide.

Can I play it on pc?

The only version that is presently available for Android is the APK File. The Mojang store sells the PC version.

How can I get Updates?

For any Minecraft update APK, you can check Apk4paid.com often. Alternatively, you can follow us on WhatsApp or Telegram to get updates as soon as we release new versions.

How to Install Minecraft on your Android Device?

Step 1: Use our page to get the APK file.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file. Keep in mind that you should first enable “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources”.

Step 3: Install the app, launch it, and take pleasure in it!

Final Verdict

What are your thoughts on the Minecraft apk? The modifications are very incredible, don’t they? Please install and give it a try. You will adore our developer’s incredible modifications. Only get the most recent 2022 version of the Minecraft Premium virus-free from our website. “Virus Total” verifies every apk.

Peace ✌🏻️

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DownloadMinecraft (Immortality Unlocked) v1.20.80.23 free on Android

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  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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